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Your Divine Reversal

But Joseph said to them... You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Genesis 50:19-20 (NIV)


If you know anything about Jewish history, the month of Adar holds a special place in the heart of the Hebrew nation. You can read about it in the book of Esther. Adar is the month the extermination of the Jews was to take place in the 5th century BC. God’s intervention through a young but brave woman enabled the Jews to defend themselves and defeat their enemies with a stunning victory. Every year during this time, the Jews celebrate the holiday Purim with gifts and joyous festivities.


Curses are negative consequences of our actions or others who have a position of authority over our lives. The unrighteous governmental powers over one’s nation can cause people to mourn. Wicked rulers mock God and have little respect for human life. Their decrees can bring people into much pain and bondage.


We bring a curse on ourselves when we do not put our trust in God by turning our minds and hearts away from Him. When we trust man or seek his approval over God, we make ourselves a landing strip for a curse. But in Christ, we can reverse it if we dare to confront it, for Christ Himself is and was the best divine reversal.


Do you have a repeating cycle of defeat and discouragement? What area do you consistently give up to a spirit of fear? What is your constant source of worry? You can divinely reverse the curse if you confront it. Submit to God and resist the devil, and he will flee. Your season for victory is now. Celebrate your divine reversal!





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