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"So let no one boast in men. For all things are yours…

all are yours, and you are Christ’s, and Christ is God’s."

-1 Corinthians 3:21-23


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Breaking Poverty, Racism, and Powerless Religion

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Generational Sin
Listening to this teaching will help you understand how to be assured that you are born again by the Spirit of God. Your new man will be strengthen in Christ to reign as the soul is brought under control of God's Holy Spirit. Order will be manifested in your life & you can live a successful life for God.
Christian Maturity
As you listen to this series you will get an understanding of overcoming suffering & persecution. That you can be in unity with others only as you come into unity with God. Discerning good from evil, life from death & the voice of God from the voice of the enemy are essential in our Christian Maturity.
How to Apply a Prophetic Word to You Lif
Enjoy this powerful teaching by Apostle Linda Lariscy & KoKo Ezechiel translating into French on How to Apply a Prophetic Word to Your Life.
Finding Peace in Simplicity
Are you mixed up? Then you need a fix up! How many of you want peace in your lives? God is our peace. Peace is something that is ours but we have to appropriate it. You will not receive peace by being passive in the things of God. You have to draw from the Well that never runs dry. When we are in stress, anxiety, worry and turn to other things besides Jesus to cope with those things we aren’t returning to the Lord, we are turning to other things for peace. We should living the abundant life.
Witchcraft In The Church?
In this four part series you will learn what witchcraft is and determine why witchcraft is forbidden and the reason for God's vehement admonishment against it. Deception is how witchcraft operates and any kind of deception is a form of witchcraft. The devil is the root of all witchcraft.
Revelation, Radiance & Healing
Iyar - In the second month of Iyar God will reveal the secrets of his covenant to us if we are open to Him. If we are teachable God will bring us to another level of completion or perfect order in the third month. Are you willing to do the internal work that is necessary? God will do it if we surrender our wills to Him.
Adar - A Month of Joy & Victory
This series focuses around the appointed time and season of the month of Adar. Adar is a month of joy and victory but in order to acquire joy and victory, we must go through the trial. In these trials, the Lord will give us strategies and wisdom if we go to him. The purpose of these trials is to root out things in our life that are not a part of our true self. Our true self is who God created us to be before we formed protective barriers around us in order to shield ourselves.
Carriers of His Anointing
Shevat; It is a season of great wisdom.This month harkens unto “the water carrier.” We have the uncanny ability to access the Lord and engulf ourselves in his presence daily which in turn provides us with true wisdom and a well that never runs dry. We are of no help to anyone unless we have first gone to the Lord and established deep roots in him; then and only then, do we become a well for others to come and drink from. This is the fruit of having an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.
Increase Your Peace
This series will help you gain the peace that passes all understanding through recognition of the power of your words and the power of your thoughts.
Peace is a fruit of the Spirit. Jesus is the Prince of Peace.
The greater you come into Christ, the greater you submit to Christ, the more of His peace you will have in your life. The peace of God means nothing broken and nothing missing.
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