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Time to Unmask Your Hidden Joy

Behold—God is my salvation! I am confident, unafraid, and I will trust in you...  With triumphant joy you will drink deeply from the wells of salvation. Isaiah 12:3 (TPT)


In Genesis 26, we read how God blessed Isaac with great prosperity. However, these blessings were not without their challenges. The Philistines, his enemies, blocked all the wells his father Abraham had dug by filling them with dirt. The devil is a master of dirty schemes and naughty tricks. He wants us to give up drawing from the inner wells of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is constantly present with us and always ready to provide us with whatever we require. He is our source of comfort, our instructor, and the one who reveals to us the things that are yet to come. However, doubts and deceit often hinder His ability to do so. If we exhaust ourselves and surrender to disbelief and hopelessness, we do so at our own risk.


Isaac, whose name means laughter, did not give up or find another well that belonged to someone else. Instead, He chose to re-dig his father's wells. It's as if he laughed at the enemy and said, "You will not defeat me, devil, because the Lord is on my side." Isaac had learned the secret of finding the joy of the Lord hidden within us.  The Lord's joy is our strength. Even when times are tough, we can go deep and unmask the wells of the Holy Spirit that our natural eyes cannot see. From within, we find the love of Christ, and by communing with Him, we can triumph over any circumstance. 


The term "Philistine" originally meant invader, intruder, and trespasser, which are all words that describe our adversary, the devil. However, if we put our trust in God and have faith in His love for us, the devil may tempt us, but he will have no choice but to flee from us when we resist him. My dear friend, you have access to the abundant resources of the Holy Spirit within you. Draw deeply from His wells, and you will have all the strength you need to overcome the harsh realities of this world.


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