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It's Time to Leap for Joy!

For by you I can run against a troop, and by my God I can leap over a wall.

Psalms 18:29 (ESV)


Did you know that this year, 2024, is a leap year? We add an extra day, February 29th, to our calendar every four years to keep us in sync with the Earth's orbit around the sun. It's easy to forget about this extra day and just go about our daily habits, but if you were born on February 29th, it's a day you won't forget!


A leap year is a reminder that time is precious, and we should not waste it. The hyphen between our birth and death dates has significant meaning. The crucial factor that determines the course of our lives is whether we are in harmony with God's timing. Rather than spending time worrying and living in constant fear of the future, we should remember that God is our Helper. He will help us to leap over every obstacle in our lives, just as a wild deer would. A deer is an animal that loves freedom and in Christ we are free to become over-comers! When you maintain your identity in Christ you have liberty.  You know by experience that He cares for you and that He will help you win over any negative situation of which you find yourself.


Make sure to stay in sync with the God of peace throughout this year. This month, leap for joy rather than dwell on the struggles you may be facing. Instead, have faith and look forward to the soft landing that awaits you. Focus on the joy that is set before you, ready to meet you on the other side.



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