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Why Team with Linda Lariscy Ministries?


Linda Lariscy is the founder of Holding Forth the Word of Life Ministries. She has a passion to see people's lives transformed. By teaming with Linda, you are investing into the lives of people.


Linda has founded many outreaches that bring aid to people, and ultimately change their lives. All Life Team Sponsorship contributions go into the many outreaches:



Isaiah 58 Soup Kitchen

[The Isaiah 58 Soup Kitchen is a weekly local soup kitchen providing hot meals to the community and to the less-forunate]

Isaiah 58 Clothing Closet

[The Clothing Closet is a ministry that provides clothing year round, free of charge for the less-fortunate in our community.]

The Father's House

[The Father's House is a place of healing for women and children. This is where local women are housed to learn life skills, where they learn to be governed by the Holy Spirit and grow into spiritual maturity.]

The Missionary House

[Linda Lariscy Ministries is partnered with Hope Commission International Ministries, and together, take the word to the nations to make disciples of Jesus Christ. There are many young people in the nations who are hungry for the word of God. The Missionary House is a house where these people live in the United States as they study at local universities but also unify with the local body at Holding Forth the Word of Life Ministries.]

I Was Hungry Food Ministry

[Many elderly home-bound people are simply overlooked. I Was Hungry Food Ministry is a meals on wheels program in which the home-bound elderly can be blessed with meals throughout the week, which in some situations, they otherwise may not have any.]

Let the Little Children Come

[Best known as LLCC, this is a two day afterschool learning program for children grades K-5. LLCC is also a weekly program in which local children are taught the word of God.]

Faith-Based In-School Mentoring

[We have over twenty mentors who are committed to weekly sessions with in-school children to help guide them, faith-based, in the ways of behavior and life situations.]

Kingdom Financing Principles

[We have in-house financing sessions in which people can overcome poverty in their lives.]

Kingdom Business Culturing

[God is into businesses. We have many local businesses that come together and model their businesses based upon God's principles.]

Homeless Ministry Partnership

[We partner with a local ministry called Family Promise, in which we minister to homeless families bi-yearly in providing them a safe place to stay and meals for two weeks.]


Apostle Linda of partners with Apostle Komi Aholu of Hope Commission International to fulfill the mandate of Jesus, the Chief Apostle, to disciple all nations. She ministers in Togo and Ghana rising up sons of God. Her weekly radio program in Lome broadcasts the good news of the Kingdom of God to thousands of listeners. HFWL sponsors a private school in Togo that extends to children who have no financial means of acquiring an education. We also partner with Togo Children Clubs that meet both the physical and spiritual needs of children.   



A minimum contribution of only $20 per month is all that you need to become a team sponsor


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