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Poetic Pearls of Faith

Christian Poetry and Prose


The Holy Spirit inspires us with words and nuances of language to move us to higher thoughts and ways.  The following is a selection of poems written by Christ followers who have found a voice in literature.  Do you have a miracle of inspiration you would like to share?   You can submit your own original poetry by submitting below to HFWL MediaDirector your miracle of inspiration to share on our website.


Poetic Pearls of Faith

Heavenly Vision

Rebecca Woods

On Thursday morning of this week, I awoke fairly early, I didn’t look at the clock, so not sure 0f  the exact time, but it was early. I just lay there and begin to talk to the Holy Ghost and I asked Him what was going on in heaven today? I began to see a type of kaleidoscope show before me, the background was black, but each second a different type of flower would emerge and they just kept coming one right after the other. Saw this as my answer that beautiful, colorful and fragrant things are blooming in heaven. Heard that each day new life blooms and at the same time some blooms experience death. Some of these blooms get to experience another bloom , a new eternal one. Others do not. 

I could also see the kaleidoscope of flowers as HFWL, of course we would be templating the heavenlies, because we are citizens of Heaven. We are all part of the same garden, I pictured the beautiful, full, garden featured in the movie, The Shack, yet we are each unique, we are different colors regarding skin and personalities, our fragrance is diverse, yet when all the different fragrances are unified, it makes for one beautiful, potent fragrance of the anointing of Jesus Christ.

Beautiful Beloved

Teresa Wood


Beautiful beloved I yearn for and see

How my likeness is all in your majesty.

Your love is so awesome

Your love is so grand

 Man can't even comprehend.

You carry us through

You take us forth

We get to ride on your white horse.

Victory is ours- victory with glee

This I know by your history.

Come up you say, come fly with me

I'm who you are created to be.

My Apostle

Phillip Beckworth

We have an apostle, she is a sent vessel of the Lord Most High

She has an anointing to pierce the proud and lift up the shy.

We have Prophets anointed with GODs’ mercy and love

When we begin to slow, they give us a shove.

Our apostle is gentle, kind, patient, caring, and true

She’s led by the Holy Ghost showing us that we can be those things too.

Our prophets may sometimes be a little much to handle

But when they see darkness in us, they break out the candle.

We have the body of Christ to lift our spirit and to watch each others back

And when the enemy comes, we stand unified and give the devil no slack.

Here we have learned that we have a ministry for people for which we care

Jesus Christ gave that to us and it is ours to share.

We have a ministry, a place to fellowship, learn, and grow in the Lord

If you ever visit us, I promise you won’t ever find yourself bored.

We don’t come here to just warm the pews 

We’re here to become disciples and to spread the good news.

We have accountability groups holding each others feet to the fire

And when we step out of line just watch out you might be called a liar.

We hold nothing back, we tell it like it is, and we love what we do

We’re Holding Forth the Word of Life

We have an apostle and she can be your apostle too. .

My Plans are good

Sarah Allers

"My plans are good" You whisper to me"

They deliver you from bondage and set you free.

To flourish and blossom in the garden of life

Free from struggles, worry and strife.

Each day new choices will come your way

Look to Me first and be sure to obey.

And I will direct the path at your feet

Walk with Me, in fellowship sweet.

Still your heart and calm your mind

Remember My child, I am loving and kind.

I'll never leave you on this road

And I'll even bear your heavy load.

Just persevere when the journey seems long

Lift your voice.. sing a victory song.

Stay the course and be true to the end

For I am your Deliverer, your greatest Friend.

I know every twist and turn up ahead

I see every struggle, every tear you will shed.

Only remember you are never alone

This path will lead you to Heaven's home.

When griefs and burdens feel too much to bear

I am the One who will always share.

My Peace in the face of all your trials

I'll sojourn with you over all life's miles.

When it's dark and cold in the depth of your soul

Take solace in Me, I will make you whole.

This is the journey of faith in the Son

So take My hand that we might be one.

Laughing and sharing as best friends do

My promise is ALWAYS to see you through.

Lift your head to see with your heart

Stay on Faith's pathway and never depart.

" Jeremiah 29 v 11 " For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

The Generations

Jenny Kay Collins

The generation of the upright will be blessed.

However to you, I must confess –

The standard of the world and the Church has gotten tight.

But God, in all His power and might,

is looking at you and I to make it right.

Why, you ask?

Simply because people are destined to hell,

While the Church pretends that all is well.

“Everybody goes to Heaven” they say.

But sin is sending people to hell everyday.

It is time to wake up and fight.

Fight for your children, and then their children’s lives.

The generations of the Kingdom of God are depending on us.

But the question is: Who?

Who will do the work that needs to be done- Will it be you?

Don’t let your life pass you by and be empty handed.

The next generation is looking to you-

so fight and do what Christ has commanded..

A Daily Prayer

David Nobles

Set watch over my mouth,

father guard my tongue

Let me speak no evil of anyone

Humble my heart,

father help me obey

Give me wisdom and grace

to help guide my way

Set your light in me father

so that others may see

cast out all darkness

inside of me.

Thank you father

for washing me of my sin.

In Jesus name I pray these things,


Highway of Holiness

I’ve been persecuted, I’ve been abandoned

I’ve been spit on, I’ve fallen behind. 

I’ve been mocked, I’ve been cheated, 

I’ve lost friends I thought were mine.

But none of these things matter

because I’ve chosen a different life. 

I’ve turned the other cheek and engaged the mind of Christ.

I’m on the Highway of Holiness. 

I’m moving forward

I’ve been redeemed 

I’m getting stronger

I’m pressing harder 

I’m going higher

I’m coming clean 


Samantha Wells

There Is A Place

There is place where He surrounds

where you don't care if any one is around.

It's a place with no pain,

a place where there's only His image to gain.

It's a place of no hindrances, issues or cares,

there is a place the Lord sets & declares. 

It's a place of Joy & Strength,

It's a place where peace & rest takes its ranks. 

A place of fullness, a place of Love.

A place where your eyes are fixed like a Dove.

For the Lord would say come and taste,

This place is called His Secret Place~


Teresa Wood

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