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Hidden Identity Revealed


I have seen servants riding horses, while princes walk on foot like slaves.

Ecclesiastes 10:7 (CJB 2016)


Life is full of mysteries and secrets, but God is always ready to reward you and give you a greater understanding. The Holy Spirit can reveal to you things that you do not know. Have you ever wondered why the Lord sometimes seems to hide from us? One reason could be so that we will seek Him. When we seek after the things we truly desire, we grow closer to God. As a believer, you have an identity in Christ that the world cannot see. The question is, do you understand it, and are you walking in it? Perhaps you don't know who you are in Christ yet. If that's the case, you are at the beginning of a journey that will reveal many hidden things. Listen carefully to God's voice and ask Him for wisdom and discernment. Show initiative and take steps towards discovering your true identity which is in Christ.


The Bible contains many mysteries that you can unlock if you believe in God's word. It all starts with acknowledging that you belong to Him and that He loves you unconditionally, regardless of any guilt or shame you may carry. As His child, you become an heir to all that belongs to Him. You are a chosen son of God, predestined in Christ before the foundation of the world. This is a big responsibility, as God has selected you to fulfill His purposes on earth. Your mission on this earth is greater than yourself and you can only complete it through Christ. It is important to keep moving forward and not look back, as your mission requires your full attention.


Are you feeling like your Father is stretching you during this season? He is drawing your attention to those parts within you that conflict with His best for you. If the stretching is causing discomfort or grief, embrace it because it will lead to a separation within you from the worth and values you find in this world, to the identity and authority that you have in Christ. He made you a prince, my friend, not a slave. So shake off the dust from your feet and mount your horse! Jesus is riding one, and He wants you to ride with Him too!


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