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About Linda


Racism | Poverty | Powerless Religion



Linda Lariscy began her journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ as a teenager. Growing up in a denominational church, she first realized the life-changing power of God in a David Wilkerson Crusade in the city of her birth, Savannah, Georgia. She was born-again and baptized with the Holy Spirit and later married a pastor. From early on, she knew God had called her to teach his people all around the world. For many years she supported her husband, Race, in pastoral-led churches in the United States and in Europe. Upon her husband’s retirement she pioneered Holding Forth the Word of Life Ministry in Wrens, Georgia.


She is the author of “The Song of Solomon”, scores of articles, and has recorded hundreds of audios. She is a gifted teacher/preacher and moves in the apostolic anointing with the demonstration of the Holy Spirit and power. Linda and Race have been married for 32 years and have one child, a God-given daughter, Hope Desiree.


Holding Forth the Word of Life is a Kingdom Apostolic Ministry. Kingdom-minded first, rather than “church-minded,” HFWL’s vision is to set the captives free by taking captivity captive and equipping the saints for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. The primary goal in fulfilling this vision is making disciples of men to the faith of Jesus Christ.


HFWL has a local and global vision to see the government of God rule over the souls of men through the Holy Spirit. Teaching the Spirit- spoken word of God line upon line and precept upon precept is how people become Disciples of Christ.

Holding Forth the Word of Life is also an assembly of sent ones in Wrens, Georgia located in the Central Savannah River Area. We are committed to rearing mature sons and daughters of God by providing “whosoever will” with the Truth that sets men free. The ministry is based upon the five-fold ascension gifts of Jesus Christ to the Church. It is non-denominational and is free of racial and gender bias. HFWL desires to bless all who “enter in.”




Ephesians 4:8-15 | Romans 1:1-6 | Philippians 2:16

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