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Prophetic Words

"Despise not Prophesyings..."

-1 Thessalonians 5:20


"And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions..."

-Joel 2:28


Apostle Linda Lariscy

Message; Loving Your Emotions More Than God. July 01, 2018

And I’m calling my people to come forth this day, and I say Yes, I have a purpose on your life, but I ask you to arise and to see that purpose. I ask you to bow to the purpose that I have placed upon your life. There is a divine design to your life, but my people you must align to my Will. My Spirit has been released now. If you will now connect to My Spirit you will be able to rise. My Spirit always has risen. My Spirit is above you. Now I say to you, connect to My Spirit and as My Spirit begins to rise, you shall rise and you shall be elevated and you shall begin to look at things upon the earth and you begin to see how so small and insignificant these things that you have made gods, that you have made obstacles, for I’m calling My people now to arise. Yes, did you hear me?  Yes, did you hear me? I’m saying, come up, come up, come up.  My plan is that the gates of hades will not prevail against you.  Will you go in to the gates?  Will you open the gates and pull those out that cannot see?  It is so said the Lord and those that believe it shall receive it.


Thank you, Father for that Word, and we give you praise. We thank you for the prophetic Word.


Now I see a balloon in the Spirit. Do you see that balloon? Do you see there’s a string on the balloon?  The Lord says grab ahold of the string. Can you grab ahold of the string?


For the Spirit of the Lord is saying, I want to explain to you what the prophetic message is. Many of you understand but some of you do not.  Some of you still move in the natural, but I say to you there is a better way. I’m calling you now to move in the Spirit and yes you can move. You can move in the Spirit. Now grab ahold of the string. Grab ahold of the string and let the power of God cause you to rise. Come on now. You don’t have to do anything all you have to do is connect.  The Spirit of God says just connect.  Connect.  Connect. Oh, thank you Lord. Thank you, Lord. Now let the Lord just cause you to float because where ever the balloon goes you go and you learn how to float. Stay connected my people. Stay connected. My people stay connected, oh Jesus says stay connected.  For all things are yours as you connect to me. All things are yours. Hallelujah 

Rebecca Woods

Message: Double for your Trouble- December 18,2016

The level to which we're open to be inconvenience in Christ is the level where we are in spiritual maturity. 

Apostle- The level in which we invite inconvenience in Christ. So that would mean pray that you're going to be inconvenience. More and more and what?  But it has to be an inconvenience in Christ. We'll inconvenience ourselves for the devil as the day is long.  If you don't believe it try shopping on Christmas Eve. How many of you have got up to go get those door busters at 6 o' clock in the morning? Let that ride on you just a minute.  To save 10 bucks.  You'll get up at 5 o' clock in the morning to brave the crowds, can you see that?  Sometimes we inconvenient ourselves for people who are in the world. We dare not say no to a  sinner, but we will say no to  God. Who gets this?  The Lord is saying through our Teacher Rebecca today that we need to look at that.

Apostle Linda Lariscy

Message: A Perfect Heart- December 11, 2016

Word for the Body: There's some people in the house that have really laid it down and I'm speaking to you by the Spirit. You've really laid it down and you have a heart for God but you are struggling this morning because you've been sinned against. The Lord says, take heart my child, take heart, move through it, move through it because He's going to bless you. Remember Jesus was sinned against, yes? He was spoken against. He was put on the cross right? For no fault of His own. Come on you all! He was put on the cross for no fault of His own and people looked at Him and said; you're a criminal. Can you get that? Sometimes people will make you feel like a criminal and  really you're not a criminal you love Jesus, Amen. So just don't sweat that, just know that the Lord is with you. He sees that and He's going to use it. He's going to use that because you need your flesh crucified Amen.  We are crucified in Christ, nevertheless, what, We live, yet not I but who, Christ who liveth within us and the life we now live in the flesh we now live by the faith of who? The Son of God who loved us and gave himself for us. 

Trey Chesser

Message: Rise up and Rule- March 13, 2016

You are the stone that has been thrown out, but God is going to use you, He’s going to place you and He has placed you in this county and He’s placed you in this territory to do a work. And He’s has called you and He’s called you by your name and He’s calling you to rise up and He’s calling you to take authority over yourself so that you can bring light, you can bring justice into this place and you can show mercy and you can show love and you can really live in unity and live in freedom and flow in a goodness.  That you will wear your crown and that you will be displayed and you will show that you are good and that the Lord is good and that His mercy endures forever and that He is a God of Salvation, He is your Rock, He is your Deliver and that He will strengthen you, He will confirm you and He will establish you and I just declare in the name of Jesus Christ that as we delight ourselves in the Lord He will gives us the desires of our heart because He has a heart for us and He’s giving us His heart and He’s placing it in our minds and our hearts and in our being and He’s just bringing us up to a higher level and He’s allowing us to really move in a fullness of Joy and of clarity and of  understanding of who He is and of our identity in Him and who He’s really aligning us and positioning us to be in this county – In the name of Jesus Christ.


Hope Lariscy

Message: Rise up and Rule- March 13, 2016

I see the solar system, and the center of the solar system is the sun. And I declare that HFWL is the sun in this community. Father, not that everything revolves around us, but that we are the center of the community, and where HFWL is there is light. There is light in the darkness, and I declare that anything that comes close--comes even within five feet of us, Lord, that is in the dark, will move away in the name of Jesus Christ. For anything the light touches draws away all darkness; there can be no dark when the sun arises; all the darkness fades; it runs away; it goes away. And I just declare that these people in this house, Father God, that they will be the light, they will be the light in their houses, they will be the light in their families, they will be the light on their jobs, in their schools, in the name of Jesus Christ. I just thank you that the light, its greedy, Father God, but it's because you're a jealous God, Lord, and everything around, Father God, you want, you desire, you need, you crave, father, and I just ask that we would have that same desire for you, Lord. That the light that's within us, Lord, will take away any darkness that still remains in the name of Jesus Christ, and I declare that this is the year. In the year of 2016, we will plant our feet, Father God, in the light, and we will remain and any dust that rises up against our feet, we will kick it away in the name Jesus Christ. I declare this to be a thing, and no devil in Hell can take it away from us. In the name and by the power of Jesus.

Jim King

Message: Rise up and Rule- March 13, 2016

I see us rising. If this town/county is going to rise we have to rise first. We have to shake the dust of all the trivial things that hold us back, and we have to put Christ as number one in our lives and our affections. Nothing else can be there except for Him. And as we rise up we are going to bring others with us. Others will see the way. They don’t know the way right now. If we are standing in the dust like they are, how are we going to rise? How are they going to rise because they don’t know which way to go? As a caterpillar crawls in the dust we are going to be transformed into butterflies that fly up into the heavens. And others will see the way, and others will follow. But if they don’t see it in us, they’re not going to change. If they don’t see it in us nothing is going to happen. But as this body, and this body will rise, and this body has already risen, and as we rise higher and higher others will see and say this is the way to go. Father help us to be that light, help us to be the ones that will set the pace that the rest can follow. So the rest can have something to follow. We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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