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Tribulation Produces Patience

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer (Romans 12:12)

A promise fulfilled is a Tree of Life. You will sit under its shade and forever remember the faithfulness of the Lord. When uncertain circumstances come, you eat of its fruit, which renews your faith in the goodness of the Lord. Remember the days of your life and meditate on all that the Lord has done for you. Ponder the work of His hands and give Him thanks.

Tribulation is a dreaded word for many saints, yet in this life, it is inevitable. Jesus explicitly told us that pressure would come in this world, but he also said cheer up because He had overcome the world. Because you and Jesus are one, you too overcome. What trial are you facing that seems insurmountable? Take heart, for nothing, is impossible with God. Position yourself under God’s mighty hand, resist the fear of the devil, and in due time the Lord will exalt you.

Can you still your emotions and wait to see the salvation of the Lord? Can you hold onto your confession of hope without wavering though the perfect storm is upon you? To believe for something that is yet unseen requires hope. As you wait to obtain your promise, hope is the fuel that will keep you burning bright with expectation.

The Lord is always faithful; He cannot be anything else. Your faith may falter, but His never does. Patience will win the day for you. Can you suffer without complaint knowing the Lord will deliver you though He may tarry? Can you rejoice amid travail? Let patience have her perfect work in you so that you may be whole wanting nothing.


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