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There is a River

Your nation would be blessed... I would never have let your country be destroyed. Now leave Babylon! Celebrate as you go. Be happy and shout for everyone to hear.

Isaiah 48:19-20 (CEV)

Get out of Babylon! Everywhere in Scripture, Babylon symbolizes the systems of the world opposed to God. It is full of idols representing the love of money, prestige, human sacrifice, and sexual immorality, to name a few. The church must come out of agreement with governments that call evil good and good evil. The Lord is calling you in this hour to wake up and get out of a system of thought that denies the reality that Jesus Christ is King! He is to rule this world, not the devil nor his cronies.

How are the Kingdoms of this world going to become God’s Kingdoms? Through you, a disciple of Jesus Christ whose passion is to serve Him through the power of the Holy Spirit inside you. He prepared the works for you to accomplish long before you were born. You make a difference not by conforming but by being set apart as God’s special possession. God is calling you to come out so you can go into your promised land.

Where is your promised land? It’s here on earth. It is the place where you will have the most influence in this life. Yes, you will have to drive out its enemies but praise God in Christ you are more than a conqueror. Is your promised land in business? Or is He calling you to take the land in education, arts and entertainment, politics, medicine, media, or spiritual formation?

There is more on earth for you to do than just marking time until your departure to heaven. Get out of the world and jump into the River of God. Enter an authentic partnership with Jesus. He is your Chief Executive Officer. You in Him and He in you will bring life and prosperity to wherever the River flows. Take courage, for He has called you for a time like this.


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