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Living by Revelation

…no mind has imagined the things which God has prepared for those who love him. But to us God revealed it through the Spirit… that we might know the things that were freely given to us by God

(1 Corinthians 2:9-11)

The night sky trumpets the glory of God. The beauty and irresistible fragrance of a rose bear witness of the Master Gardener. Millions of eyes can see God’s handiwork and yet never know the Creator. Think of all the ears that hear the waterfall, the morning birdsong, and the tender cooing newborn and yet never recognize the voice of God. The Almighty hides in plain sight, and if you are to know Him, someone must reveal Him to you.

God sent Jesus to you to reveal His love for you. He is the One who will remove the veil from your eyes to see the Light. You cannot do it for yourself. No matter how many Bible stories you know or books you read, only Jesus can show you how real God is. Once your spiritual eyes open, you will see God not as an untouchable being but your endearing Father. You will become brighter and brighter until your transformation is complete entering the gates of heaven.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus. He is your guide into all truth. He searches the deep thoughts in God and reveals to you just what God thinks of you. He knows the end from the beginning and is willing to show you what you need to make this earthly journey worthwhile. Your human mind is incapable of knowing what the Lord has already freely given you. The Holy Spirit will reveal it to you if that is your desire. And once you see it, you can receive it! Living by revelation will get you to your divine destination.


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