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Led Astray by Idols

That kind of man (the idolater) feeds on ashes [and is satisfied with ashes]! A deceived mind has led him astray, so that he cannot save himself, or ask, "Is this thing [that I am holding] in my right hand not a lie?” Isaiah 44:20 (AMP)

Jesus said a lot of things that got in the face of people. He still does! If you can take it, you can become what God made you to be. If not, you will define who you are. He told His followers to cut off their right hand if it caused them to sin. That’s a big deal; cutting off your right hand meant to exchange what you have in your hand for what He has in His.

Isaiah, the prophet, described an idol as the lie in your right hand. It’s hard to let something go that’s close to you. We are fond of our desires, reasonings, and judgments because they have long been with us. They reflect our lives. To exchange our life for the life of God is like cutting off our right hand. That’s a sacrifice that most are unwilling to give, yet it is the gate that leads to abundant living.

We keep idols in the secret place of our hearts. They are far more sophisticated than statues of Buddha or little wooden figurines. We set them right alongside our Lord. The “golden compass” we rely on to direct us makes war with our faith in God which is far more precious than gold. The conflict is real, and the believer suffers for it. The Father wants to lay hold of all of your heart. Where have you gone astray from Him and His direction? The departure gate from God is where your idol lives. Turn away from it and head straight for the arrival gate of who you are in Christ.


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