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Jesus: My One Defense, My Righteousness

God presented Him (Jesus) as the atoning sacrifice through faith in His blood... so as to justify the one who has faith in Jesus.

Romans 3:25-26 (BSB)


When we place our faith in the blood of Jesus Christ, shed for us, He gives us a new life. Our spirit, once dead to God, can now communicate with Him. As we acknowledge Him, He guides us on our path, and we are never alone. It's shocking to compare who we were before versus who we are now in the Lord. Nevertheless, the difference has nothing to do with our righteousness. Even the faith with which we respond to the Savior comes from God. We can never make ourselves righteous; it's all a gift from Him. Once He justifies us, He will never declare us guilty. This is the gospel truth; that's why it's called the "good news."


Have you ever wondered if you see yourself the way Jesus sees you? According to God's Word, Jesus has cleansed and made you right with Him. You are valuable to Him. If you believe in His Word and not the lies you tell yourself, you will see a new way of living emerge in your life. You will become like a crystal goblet, bringing the taste of Christ to others. No longer will negative thoughts or words come out of you. Instead, you will speak words that nourish and bless others. It all comes down to what you believe about yourself. Do you see yourself as a valuable silver platter or a worthless garbage can?


The fruits of righteousness will bring you much joy. The fruits you bear taste sweet if you live a life that points people toward redemption.  However, if you persist in pursuing childish ways and desires, the righteousness that Christ gave will be of little help in guiding others, especially those closest to you. Let it never be said of you, "I'd be a Christian if it were not for the Christians." Your life carries influence for the good or the bad, and the Lord is always on your side, constantly advocating for you. He is your one defense and your source of righteousness. We must not let the righteousness of Christ lie dormant. Instead, we should see ourselves as silver platters bringing the good news to those in need.


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