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Holy Spirit: Our Boundary Maker

The LORD said to Moses... You must set boundaries for the people all around, saying, take heed to yourselves not to go up on the mountain nor touch its edge. Whoever touches the mountain will surely be put to death!

Exodus 19:10-12 (NET)

God’s will for you is to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Within His boundaries is life and peace. Unlike walls, boundaries are markers to show you what you are to allow in your life and what you must not permit. When God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai, He repeatedly told Him to make a boundary for the people because if they touched the edge of the mountain they would die. Without holiness no one will see the Lord. Just as God made a way for Moses to enter His presence, we now through the blood of Christ can do the same.

The Holy Spirit is within you if you belong to Christ. Because He lives within, you can walk in Him. If you do, you will stay on the path of life which leads to peace and harmony in your life. If you choose to walk apart from Him, you too like the ancient Israelites will face loss. Outside of His guidance we are left only to our pitiful resources which include both our opinions and (mis)understanding. The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. If you are wise in your own eyes take a warning from scripture, your thoughts are vain and are without reward.

You are in a season to thank God for His Holy Spirit who dwells in you. You have great reason to rejoice for within the boundaries of the Holy Spirit you experience freedom. Take heed to yourself. Holy spirit inhabits you. It is He who makes you holy. Recognize Him, commune with Him, do not grieve or quench Him and if you do quickly call on the Lord to forgive you. Stay within His bounds and enjoy an abundant life.


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