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He Surrounds Those Who Are Around Him

How often I wanted to gather your children together [around Me], as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were unwilling!

Matthew 23:37-38 (AMP)


As we move into the long nights of winter, let’s embrace God’s light. Allow His love light to welcome You.  Jesus said, “Whoever comes to Him He will in no way cast out.” Are you alone or in mourning for departed loved ones? Don’t step out of God’s circle of love. Trust that the Lord is with you and will never abandon you. Don’t allow your thoughts to leave God’s eternal truth. We must willingly stick with Christ through the good and the difficult times of our lives. If we do so, we experience an inexplicable comfort from the Holy Spirit.


On your worst day, keep yourself in the love of God. On your best day, do the same. Make sure you do not rely on your feelings to assure you of God’s love. Instead, have faith that He does despite any circumstance. God is eternal, and just like a circle, He has no beginning or end. He has always been and forever will be. His love for you never ends. Jesus understands your pain even though you may not feel as He does. He faced the same trials and troubles that you do, but not once did He forsake His Father. Love put Christ on the cross. And His love for the Father and for you kept Him there until He finished saving you.


Keep yourself in the circle of God’s love. Embrace yourself if no one else is around to do so. Because Christ is within you, you know the Lord is hugging you, too. If you know someone who needs an embrace, be a vessel of God’s love and act on His behalf. Come under the wings of our Lord and surround yourself with His support, protection, and love.


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