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God's Nuclear Weapon

How much more severely do you suppose a person deserves to be judged who has contempt for God’s Son, and who scorns the blood of the new covenant that made him holy, and who mocks the Spirit who gives him grace? Hebrews 10:29 (TPT)

What can wash away your sins, nothing but the blood of Jesus? Christians will readily say I believe that Jesus died for me, and He took my place on Calvary’s cross. But many do not have the revelation that it was His precious blood alone that redeems them from destruction. Apart from the shedding of blood, your sins remain.

Bloodless salvation is like a loveless marriage. To see someone you love die, as the blood flows from his body, profoundly affects a person. To unbelievers, Jesus’ crucifixion holds no meaning at all. Christ’s death does not move the unbeliever and to speak of His blood is repugnant. The power of His blood is foolishness to people who prefer to think that their goodness, statue, or fine family is enough to save them.

But what of the Christian who leads a life of neutrality which is neither hot nor cold? He has no passion for Christ because He is blind to Christ‘s passionate love displayed on the cross. Here is the rub: how can believers remain aloof and emotionless when it comes to the blood of Jesus, which purchased their life? Does not that “believer” scorn His blood and fail the grace of God?

In this hour of our nation, we must all examine our hearts. Are we indeed in the faith? More pointedly, do we have confidence in the blood of Jesus, God’s nuclear weapon to cleanse us from sin and set us apart from the world? May we all enthusiastically praise the Lord for His precious blood. We cannot help to shout, cry, or jump for joy as it washes away every dead work of what we deem to save us. We gladly surrender all, for He has opened our eyes to see that He gladly sacrificed all for us!


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