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God Can Turn the Bitter into Sweet

For I am the LORD who heals you ( Ex. 15:26).

All of us have experienced bitterness in our lives. When we expect a different outcome to our prayers or life circumstances, we can quickly become bitter. When disappointment leaves a sour taste in our mouths, mumbling and grumbling are sure to pour out from it. Words are an indication of the state of our hearts. A bitter person does not believe that God will turn the bitter into sweet!

If you follow the Hebrew calendar, you know that we are in the month of Iyar. During this month, after crossing the Red Sea, the Israelites found themselves in a wilderness. They were hot and thirsty and probably a bit overwhelmed when they approached an oasis. Can you imagine their disappointment in discovering the water was not fit to drink? They got mad and turned-on Moses, but Moses turned to God. The Lord showed him a tree which he threw into the spring, and the waters were healed.

We need a heart like Moses. He was often helpless, not knowing what to do, but he turned to God for help. He listened to God’s voice instead of the clamor and strife of the world around Him. We must also remove ourselves from the noise to discern the signal of what God desires for us. The places of your heart hold an oasis. Guard it for out of it springs the issues of your life. If your springs are bitter, God can heal them. He turns the bitter into sweet.


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