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Gifts for Transformation

And he has generously given each one of us supernatural grace, according to the size of the gift of Christ. This is why he says: “He ascends into the heavenly heights taking his many captured ones with him, and gifts were given to men.”

Ephesians 4:7-8 (TPT)


Stepping into Barnes and Noble, there’s no doubt that self-help books are on the rise. People want to find a better way to live, think, or make it through their day without a meltdown. No amount of human advice can give you your best life now. What we are searching for is a divine life, one that is reflective of our character, hopes, and dreams. What must we do to experience the transformation of our thoughts and personality? In a nutshell, nothing we do can transform. It’s not a what but a Who that can create eternal change within us. His name is Jesus.  


We cannot earn transformation; it is a gift we must freely receive. The Wise Men presented three gifts to Jesus and His mother - gold fit for a king, frankincense for the royal priest, and myrrh for the healer of all human hearts. Christ is the King who rules our lives, our High Priest who made the ultimate sacrifice for us, and our Healer who mends our broken hearts and binds up our wounds.


The Wise Men serve as an inspiration for us all. Emulating their actions and worshipping Jesus with complete surrender will transform our lives. We must recognize that Jesus is more valuable than any earthly possession, including gold. He is alive and interceding for us and longs to make us whole human beings. As we embrace this truth and allow Jesus to work in our lives, we will experience a profound change and become more like Him every day. Life will take on a greater meaning as you transform into the gift God made you. As Christ is, so are you in this world. In Christ, you are a light in the darkness, a person coming home to heaven, and one that leads others back home, too!


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