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Discernment and Understanding

Teach me proper discernment and understanding! For I consider your commands to be reliable.

Psalm 119:66 (NET)

God is our Father making us His sons and daughters. Because His will and desires are perfect, He will bring us to an expected end. The Lord's thoughts for your future are to prosper and not to harm you. But what are your expectations for your life? If they do not align with your Father's desires, you will fall into a trap set by the father of lies, Satan. What follows is enslavement, depression, and humiliation.

We live in a world full of many external and internal voices. How many of us are sharp enough to know when we hear a lie? Once we buy into anything that opposes God's divine nature, we set ourselves to go astray. We see this run rampant in today's culture through social and mainstream media. Unfortunately, many professing Christians believe the lies of people who are following a plan that opposes the goodness of God and His Word, which is Life!

The Holy Spirit is our best friend. He lives in every born-again believer. Within Him is the power to distinguish good from evil. If you think that is a no-brainer, then think again. Deception presents itself as just the opposite of what it is. This brief prayer will make a difference in your daily life: "Teach me, oh Lord, discernment and understanding because your Word is reliable!"


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