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Breaking Agreements with Death and Hell

We have entered into a covenant with death, with the realm of the dead we have made an agreement.…for we have made a lie our refuge and falsehood our hiding place.

Isaiah 28:15 (NIV)

Can you imagine the many agreements you have made in your lifetime? Some trivial, but others are life-changing with powerful consequences to face either for good or bad. What has TV, movies, books, and professors taught you that is a lie? Even parents lie to their children about Easter bunnies and tooth fairies, but all in good fun, mind you! Jesus taught us that the devil is a liar. He is, in fact, the father of lies.

Most people think making a pact with the devil is impossible or totally “out there.” We make agreements with our words, so our lips express the covenants we’ve made. For example, “I’m always let down by people.” What about “Nobody cares about me,” or “I will always have marital problems.” When you say such things, you agree with the devil, giving him a foothold in your life and he will do his best to see those things come to pass.

When we partner with fear and doubt, we are teaming up with death and hell. You are precious to God, and He is building you upon the sure foundation of Jesus. We are His handiwork, and before we were born, He prepared a destiny for us to advance His Kingdom. We are co-workers with Christ in covenant with Him. If you want your life to expand and have true meaning break every agreement you have with the devil. Yoke up with Jesus to find ease in life and a lighter load!


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