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Be Grateful

Then Haman recounted to them the glory of his riches, the large number of his sons, and every instance in which the king had magnified him... yet all of this does not satisfy me as long as I see Mordecai the Jew sitting at the king's gate.

Esther 5:11-13 (AMP)

How’s your life turned out? With your eyes on Facebook, do you ever get jealous or begin to envy people who seem to have a perfect life? The old saying, “All that glitters is not gold,” is wise. Our eyes can get us in trouble when we believe God blesses others while we get the short stick. We may have loads, and yet because we lack one thing, we feel depressed or cheated in life.

Haman had riches, fame, and no lack of respect in his day. He was a confidant to the King and had much influence. And yet every time he saw Mordecai, the Jew, sitting at the King’s gate, he was miserable. Haman worshipped the idol of self, and Mordecai refused to bow down before him. He chose to worship only God, and though he did not have a smidgen of what Haman had, he gave God his heart and received a great reward. While in the end, Haman lost everything he had.

Gratitude to God for your life is true worship. It is the antidote to jealousy and envy. Bitterness cannot grip you if your heart turns toward the Lord with thankfulness. Ungratefulness poisons your attitude; it destroys relationships God gives you to enrich your life. When you resent people for what they have, your life only worsens. An appreciative attitude changes how you look at people, so your perspective of yourself and others changes to contentment.

Turn around your thoughts and thank God for how He blesses you. Look for the good in everything. Gratitude changes what little you have into abundance. Please begin to see through people’s weaknesses to their good points. Your judgments for others will sweeten, and your life will reflect it.


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