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Anger's Antidote

Have you blown your stack lately? Or are you steaming under the lid you put on your anger? Anger, hot or cold, is a damaging emotion that has the potential to ruin your life. How you manage your feelings has everything to do with the condition of your heart. We must take an active role in what we allow our hearts to keep and throw away.

Anger does not have to destroy your life, but if left unchecked, it certainly will. The devil uses it to discredit you, keeping you in shame so he can steal God's destiny for you. The one minute you are mad is a minute of peace stolen from you. The Holy Spirit will help you keep your serenity. He will prompt you to quickly make things right by asking the Lord to forgive you. He will give you the grace to forgive those you believe to be the source of your anger. The blood of Christ is your plea to wash you of negative emotions. Though it is available to every believer, many will neglect it.

If you refuse to humble yourself and throw away your anger, troubles will follow you. Anger preserved cold is a tasty delicacy for the devil to fuel havoc in your relationships. On the outside, you may look fine, but you are one hot mess inwardly. You enjoy holding onto grudges, anticipating the moment when everyone will know you were right. You're biding your time until certain people "get what's coming to them." How sad because the devil has a foothold in your life. He can go in and out with ease without you even knowing it. He has taken you captive to his will; without God's grace to repent, you become his puppet.

Whether you serve your anger hot or cold, it's the devil's device to make your life miserable. But praise the Lord; there is an antidote. As we accept God's forgiveness and forgive others in like manner, life will get sweeter. As we learn to confront and manage our toxic emotions with the help of the Holy Spirit, life's consequences become a blessing rather than a curse. The cycle of negative thoughts can end when you put an end to anger.


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