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Anger Leads to Death

Abundant life is discovered by walking in righteousness, but holding on to your anger leads to death. Proverbs 12:28 (TPT)

It's a mad, mad, mad world right now. The pandemic infused people with fear and anxiety. Businesses shut down, as well as houses of faith. We could not enter certain shops without a mask over our faces. The grocery shelves often needed restocking. Frustration turned to anger because many lost loved ones and their jobs.

When people lose direction, and things don't turn out as expected, disappointment can turn into rage. When we hold on to anger, life never gets better, only worse. Our patience wears thin, and with every outburst of ire, our heart pressure increases, and our cardiovascular system suffers. Holding on to anger leads to death. Murder, mass shootings, looting, spousal abuse all result when people reach a boiling point.

Your soul plays a massive role in your physical health. Though our country appears to be crumbling take hope in the Lord and lay aside your anger. Stress wears out your immunity, and your body's defenses break down. Jesus came to give every believer not only life but an abundant one! Your eternal well-being is essential to Him. To have it, we must align our souls with God's righteousness. Anger does not promote God's perfect plan and purpose for anyone.

Lots of people drink to stave off their feelings of hopelessness and disappointment. Others find solace in drugs, making money, illicit sexual encounters, and party- hardy to forget their troubles. We have a healer. His name is Jesus. Love heals. Forgiveness is the key. Whoever has wounded you with reckless words or actions, forgive them. God's grace will help you. Let go of your anger, temper tantrums, and insults and receive the peace of the Lord. You will live longer and be glad you did!


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