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What’s Your Type?

You are still worldly. For with jealousy and quarrels in your midst, are you not worldly, are you not behaving like ordinary men? 1 Cor. 3:3 (MOFF)

Are you a spiritual Christian? That's not a trick question. Apostle Paul teaches us that there are two types of Christians one being worldly and the other spiritual. Maybe you're wondering where you line up or think it doesn't matter what type of Christian you are; all that matters is that you are one. Hmm.

In reality, what type of Christian you are, makes all the difference in the world. A worldly Christian does not affect the world because not only is he in it; he is also like it. On the other hand, a spiritual Christian is in the world and yet unlike it. If you, Christian, are not radically different from ordinary men, you can safely say you're worldly.

An extraordinary man is one that stands out from among the crowd. He does not conform to the norm and walks to the beat of another drum, albeit his own. Though the world may call him extraordinary, God would judge him ordinary. A spiritual man does not conform to the norm either. He lives and moves in rhythm with the beat of the Holy Spirit, denying himself daily.

So what's your type? What's important is that the Holy Spirit has full authority over you and that you desire to have it no other way. It's your life that says it, not your label.

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