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Secrets of Healing

Pleasant words are like a honeycomb. They are sweet to the soul and health to the bones (Proverbs 16:24).

Honey, long known for its healing properties, is one of God's little miracles. When appropriately stored, honey has an endless shelf life. If you had only one food to eat, honey would sustain you. It has everything in it to nourish you, including water. Humans can't reproduce it; only God's buzzing bees manufacture it complete with packaging. Jesus ate it for breakfast, and John the Baptist practically lived on it.

Pleasant words carry healing properties too. They sweeten a bitter soul, which in turn, strengthens your bones. God made bone to regenerate itself. Every ten years or so, your bones get a do-over. They remodel, exchanging old pieces of bone for new. The longer you live, the likelier you are to lose rather than gain bone. A person who sweetens their life with God's word has an edge when it comes to bone health.

All of us could use more practice in speaking pleasant words. The next time you bump into a rude person or get frustrated over the phone with a customer service rep, think before you speak. Are the words you speak over yourself, sweet? How much complaining do you do? You may be surprised how negative you are to people. If you were to weigh out your words, which would tip the scales gratitude or criticism?

Jesus is a sweet talker. He is also a truth-teller. He is your healer, and He will teach your lips what to say. His words are found in scripture not only to read but to declare. You hear His voice in sweet communion. Like honey, He sticks to you - when you get close enough.

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