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Make the Trade

But no one earns God’s righteousness. It can only be transferred when we no longer rely on our own works, but believe in the one who powerfully declares the ungodly to be righteous in his eyes. It is faith that transfers God’s righteousness into your account (Romans 4:5)!

Have you made the trade yet? It's the most excellent investment you will ever make. I'm not referring to the stock market on Wall Street. This trade is without brokerage fees. In fact no money or hard work is necessary. Where do you make it? The cross on which your Savior died is where you seal the deal.

Shame and guilt are all we have in our account. Sin is what we are because we do not know we are bankrupt. We remain so until our faith grabs hold of Christ, who transfers His wealth into our heart. Jesus' righteousness for our shortcomings, faults, and failures is the trade Jesus made for us at the cross.

In union with Christ we discover the person God created us to be. Only in Christ are we blameless in the eyes of our Father God. Jesus paid it all. On the cross, He made the transaction. It is done! Now the question is, are you done? Are you through short-changing yourself of God's glory in your life? Surrender yourself to Him and make the greatest exchange of your lifetime.

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