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Divine Support

Don’t be afraid.... I am helping you,” says the Lord, your protector, the Holy One of Israel ( Isaiah 41:14 NET).

The Lord is our helper. He promises to be with us when we face the stormy blast of unexpected trouble. Fear is a powerful adversary. If we remain frightened amid our setbacks, we will not fare well along life’s journey. In God’s perspective, we should count it all joy when pressures come upon us. There is indeed a silver lining in every proverbial dark cloud.

The Lord will help you get through every tribulation you face in this life. You will need to be patient as the storm passes through. Some storms last longer than others. If you accept his help, you will mature spiritually, and you will see that the Lord is good. But be aware that fear blocks you from receiving and blinds you to the way of escape the Lord provides for you.

How will God help you? He does it first within and then without. As you draw near to Him and access his grace through faith, the Holy Spirit will comfort you. He will encourage you to cast all your cares on the Lord because He cares for you. He will make a way for you though unseen at the time you will see it later. He will send you people to assist you, but you must open up and accept their help. You must also learn to trust and ask for help, for this is the way of the Lord.

Are you connected to the Head, Jesus Christ? That is the first step to victory over any attack of the enemy. Secondly, are you joined to His Body? That is your second line of defense. When our burdens get too heavy to bear, He will carry them for us through His people.

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