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God’s Covenant of Protection

Because he holds fast to me in love, I will deliver him; I will protect him, because he knows my name Psalms 91:14 (ESV).

What is your security system? Is it high tech surveillance cameras, triple-locked doors, or your pit bull in the back yard? Many people feel that the world is more dangerous now than ever. They are afraid and the inner voice that says, “what if it happens to me or my children” fuels images of tragedy and heartache in their minds.

The earth is no stranger to violence, having experienced it as far back as Cain and Abel. Scripture describes the heart of man as deceitfully wicked above all things. So what are we to do other than hope for the best and expect the worse? Is it God’s plan for us to have a positive attitude yet, at the same time, make sure we are ready for disaster? Nope, I’m not buying that!

Psalm 91 describes God’s plan of protection and assurance for us. It speaks of a covenant relationship He makes with us based on mutual love and honor. As you meditate on God’s promises, you become secure in your heart that the Lord is both your refuge and fortress in times of trouble. Because you anchor your thought life in the truth that He is your protector, you will also speak it. Faith will come out of your mouth rather than fear. Your agreement with God seals your alignment with Him. Angels are your bodyguards because the Lord is your dwelling place.

Are God’s promises real to you? If they are, you will be able to stand on them for protection in your life. If they are not, they can be as you exchange your life for the life of Jesus. Come into the ark of safety, a covenant relationship with the One who gave His life for you.

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