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His Mercies Are New Every Morning

Therefore let us confidently approach the throne of grace to receive mercy and find grace whenever we need help (Hebrews 4:16).

Have you confidently entered into the throne room of God's grace today? His mercy is new every morning, and so is his grace. He will grant you mercy and grace when you ask for it. Why do you not have it? You do not have it because you do not ask for it. The asking for it is essential because faith without works is dead. To not ask for it indicates your faith is not alive. It's dead and dusty like a book that you haven't opened for years.

Do not allow anything to block you from receiving God's mercy and grace. Jesus Christ shed his precious blood so that you could enter into rest as you access His grace every day. Whatever you face, He desires to empower you to overcome it and to do well in it. Do not allow your feelings of inadequacies and shame to keep you out of the throne room of God. Run to the Lord when you sin. If you run away from Him His mercy will not follow you. Turn around, and His kindness will greet you.

God grants you mercy and grace as an act of His divine favor. You need both. You deserve neither. When you confess your sin, the incredible mercy of God forgives you of your sin and cleanses you of all unrighteousness. When your body aches and is sick, the Lord grants you mercy to relieve you of your pain. His marvelous grace gives you gifts and empowers you to do what you cannot do. Every morning they are yours for the asking.

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