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Comfort Can Be A Killer

…lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power (2 Tim. 3:4-5).

Comfort can be a killer. It can kill your hopes and blind you to God’s vision for your life. Without a vision, you will you enter the “Land of Nod” where nothing matters as you wander through life. Stepping outside your comfort zone is your first step toward your promise land.

God created you to be a risk-taker. He created you by faith, and He engineered you to walk by faith. You don’t remember, but your first steps were scary. Those baby steps became your ticket to adventure. Children have an innate desire to break the chains of their limitations and walk. Every loving Father wants their child to break the bonds of fear to move forward in life. Our Father, who is also our God, desires us to do the same. Beware of the idol of comfort, the longing for pleasure that stands between you and your finish line.

Jesus Christ makes all things new. In Him, you not only learn how to walk in the Spirit but to fly to realms unknown. New things can be scary, but they pave the way for your growth. When you are growing spiritually, you are uncomfortable. Take courage because the Lord is with you. God has an adventurous plan for your life. He plans to take you from glory to glory. If we do not come out of our womb of comfort, it will surely become our tomb of regret. The same old, same old, is not a reflection of Christ. Take those baby steps and reach forward to the new things ahead.

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