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The Idol of Control

Those who cling to worthless idols turn away from God’s love for them

(Jonah 2:8).

The next time the phrase “I have control issues” comes out of your mouth think again. Truthfully your issue is not with control but with trust. When you feel like you control a situation, the peace you have is short-term. The “what ifs” and fear of failure you live with will make sure of that.

Control does not flow out of love; instead, it is a response to fear. Fear comes in many shapes, and colors take your pick. It torments and never has anything good to say. Self-reliance fights fear, fueled with an arsenal of weapons. Mindsets like, “my way or the highway,” “I have to do this myself,” or “I’m right you’re wrong so get out of my way” lead us into a losing battle.

King David had it right when he said of God, “Whenever I am afraid I will trust in you (Ps. 56:3)”. Stop living your nightmare and dare to dream that you can first trust in God and secondly in those, He has sent to you. Jettison your mantra of “ “Too many people have let me down. I don’t trust anyone anymore.” A lack of trust is just another way of saying, “I lack love.”

You will receive love when you believe love is in the heart of God for you. You can only trust those of whom you love. Exchange your idol of control for trust in a loving God. He will help you when you take things out of your hands and place them into His. His love never fails and beats fear of failure every time!

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