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A Righteous Man

The righteous character produced in your life by Jesus Christ… will bring much glory and praise to God Phil. 1:11.)

A miracle occurs within you once you surrender your life to Christ. It is very subtle at first. Like a woman, who has newly conceived, outwardly there is no change, but inwardly a seed of righteousness is growing. The trust you have in Jesus will produce his character in you. The fruit of your life will become evident in time both to you and to others.

If you love Jesus and have committed yourself to him, do not become discouraged with your many faults and failures. Do not give up when you feel like you are continually missing the mark. Trust in Christ and keep yourself under the teaching of his word. Actually, something is happening inside you when nothing seems to be happening. You are pregnant with the seed of righteousness, but you are not showing yet.

Living for Jesus starts with a desire to be righteous. Jesus calls to himself those who know they are sinners rather than those who think they are righteous. Righteous people are not made they are born, born-again of God. Being a moral person by proper upbringing does not produce the character of Christ in any individual.

The fruit of righteousness will display in your life if you continue to follow after Christ. Trust and obey him and stick close to those who are living proof of what God can do! When we live by faith, we grow and conform to the image of Jesus. What this world needs now, is you, showing off his righteousness.

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