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The Truth Always Comes to Light

But he who practices truth [who does what is right] comes out into the Light (John 3:21).

Living a holy life has its ups and downs.

The “ups” of a holy life are too numerous to list but one which includes “the mind of Christ”, ever-increasing spiritual wisdom and insight and a life that makes a difference.

But what are the downs? Everyone who lives a holy life cannot escape persecution from people who will not accept reality, the way things are. For many even in religious circles, ignorance is bliss. A godly person will always shine light on things that many believe would be “best kept secret”.

Jesus was an agitator. He stirred up a lot of people by merely speaking truth. And for that he was said to be demon-possessed, a liar, and insane. He endured countless aspersions on his character and reputation. Let's face it; He died on the cross, labeled as a common criminal.

When your life conforms to the true image of Jesus Christ, you will experience some real backlash. But be of good cheer. Jesus overcame and so will you. In the end truth always comes to light, so then the “downs” of a holy life are not downs at all but God’s "heads up" for a life lived well.

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