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It’s A Pity

Better is open rebuke than hidden love. Faithful are the wounds of a friend

(Proverbs 27:5-6).

An open rebuke is better than secret love. Does the Bible really say that? The short answer is yes, and yet today, our emotions meld and out pops the golden calf of which we bow. Our political correctness in America is becoming laughable. When our feelings govern what is right and wrong, we become poor judges of reality. We must hold to a higher standard, the truth.

If we pity people, who break the law where does that leave justice? Do we turn a blind eye to the sins of those we hold dear for fear of offending them? Or do we speak the truth in love in the hope that they will find freedom from sin? If our heavenly Father corrects those He loves, should not His children do the same?

Hidden love does not express itself. It sees the trap but does not give the warning. Superficial feelings are fickle. They do not anchor us or hold us steadfast when external circumstances batter our lives. Self-pity digs a hole that buries faith, hope, and love. Who wants a false life, a self-absorbed, self-centered existence that people come to loathe?

Tell yourself the truth in love. Take the blows of those who tell you like it is. Come out of the grave of self-pity and depression and see the struggles of others before your own. Topple the idol that tells you to feel sorry for yourself and turn to Christ who opens your eyes to the joy of gratitude and life worth living.

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