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The Power of Patience

We prove ourselves by… our patience… by the Holy Spirit within us, and by our sincere love (2 Corinthians 6:6 NLT2).

Inevitably I choose the wrong line whether it’s at a department store or ticket booth. I scan the line for the least amount of people and evaluate how efficient the clerk is but naturally, my wait time is longer than the line next to me. I smile about it now. The Lord is teaching me patience.

Patience is powerful. Pauses can be productive. God forms our character out of delay not in spite of it. We believe though we do not see. We trust though nothing visibly changes. Another year and our child is still adrift, our marriage rocky, our griefs unabated, nevertheless we confidently expect God’s love to prevail. Patience forms us when life informs us.

Waiting is akin to yielding. Enjoy your wait for your turn is coming. Frustrations, disappointments, and annoyances only have value according to our response to overcome them. Holy Spirit imbues us with the power to endure. He will help us to reign in life, as He will in the next one. A patient person is not a passive one but one who moves in wisdom knowing the difference between the urgent and the important. He finishes well no matter how long it takes.

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