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Don’t Let Pride Steal Your Destiny in God

One’s pride will bring him low, but he who is lowly in spirit will obtain honor (Proverbs 29:23 ESV).

Every human being in this vast big world has a great destiny in God before them. The Lord’s purposes for your life will always be just out of your reach and continually expanding as you mature spiritually. We are to be spiritual people who do not cater to the world or the things in it. If the world likes you, then Jesus is unlike you. Carnal mindedness has no place in any Christian’s life.

Pride will lead you to idolize yourself. It will block you from receiving God’s best as it whispers in your ear “You know best.” We worry and fret because somehow we think that it will add to our life or change things. We are told explicitly not to be anxious about anything in our lives but instead to pray about everything asking God to meet our needs. Why not turn off the worry and pray in faith for what you need? How simple is that but our self-inflated ego has another plan to forge ahead and do things without the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Do not spend your years as a tale soon told and forgotten. Invest your years in God’s plan for you as well as the next generation that follows you. Count your days and make each day count. Do not miss your destiny in God for a bowl of soup. Restrain your emotions and your fleshy desires; seek God, submit yourself to His word and the leaders He sends to help you grow in Him. A lowly heart will bring you to a high place in God's Kingdom.

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