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God’s Secrets for Your Success

But there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets (Daniel 2:28).

The secret counsel of God belongs to His friends. Abraham believed God and became His friend. The LORD spoke to Moses face to face, as one talking to a confidante. Jesus called His apostles His friends rather than servants. Apostle John described himself as the disciple Jesus loved. He leaned upon Jesus’ chest as he reclined at the table with Him. What made these men different from other followers of God?

The Lord has no favorites, as we know He is not a “respecter of persons.” And yet He does have intimates of whom He reveals His secrets. The truth is that every believer does not love God the same. The Lord is close to those who are close to Him. If we position ourselves to know God, to recline at His table, to lean upon Him, we too can know His secrets.

Holy Spirit speaks with a whisper. If we still ourselves and withdraw from the clamor of our daily grind drawing near to God, He will converse with us. The disciple Jesus loved drew near to Him as He suffered on the cross. Apostle Paul desired to know Christ, to know His power, and the fellowship of his suffering. Every friend of God suffers not merely for his or her mistakes but rather for the realization of God’s purposes on earth.