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First Kill Then Heal

…they could not drink the water of Marah because it was bitter; ... 24 And the people grumbled against Moses (Ex.15:23-24)?”

Now is our season to enter into a new level of freedom and restoration in Christ. This path is not one for the fainthearted but for those who desire all in God. Jesus ever lives that He may deliver, restore and ultimately rescue us from destruction. The reality is that the bitterness we display is not due to how people have treated us, our “bad luck,” or

because from the start we didn't get our fair shake. We are bitter because of our sin nature, but our lives can become better as we partake of Jesus’ divine nature.

Now is the season of renewal as we call on the Lord in faith. God’s marvelous light can brilliantly clean the bitterness of the dark spots of our soul. Those black holes in our souls have sucked up the debris of past disappointments and pain making us sick with distrust and fear. Rather than being at ease, trusting God’s love and wisdom, we are at dis-ease rebelling and living in cycles of frustration and denial.

Now is a time both to kill and to heal. The sword of the Lord must kill the sin of our hearts so we can heal. His sword is His word that judges the thoughts and intentions of our heart. Judgment comes when circumstances squeeze us. Whatever that is in us will come out. Will light emerge as we rely on our Father of Lights or will darkness ooze from an unrepentant heart?

What situation has God orchestrated in this season to show you what He must kill so you can heal?


The First Represents the Total

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