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Rooted or Routed

Cain killed his brother Abel and afterward wandered the earth aimlessly. He hated his brother because God received Abel’s offering but rejected his. God warned Cain to face his sin, but he refused to hear the voice of the Lord. Cain, a farmer, knowing the importance of roots lived like tumbleweed.

God desires to plant you in His house that He might prosper and stabilize you. He created you to be fruitful and to dominate every obstacle that hinders your growth. The words of God are seeds that will transform you. But if your heart is hard you will resist God’s word and thwart the abundant life Christ came to give you. If you resent and hold an offense against someone, it injures you. Over time you become callous making your heart unfeeling, and insensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Anger, hatred, instability, and issues with rejection are on the short list of the indicators of a hard heart. Soaking in the love of Christ will soften your tough-skinned personality. Pursue people who have a tried and true relationship with the Lord and have given up their lives to find the life of God. Develop accountability with others by speaking the truth and receiving wise counsel and over time, test, and trial, your roots will grow deep in God’s character and love.

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