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Above All Things

… above all things being fervent in your love among yourselves.

(1 Peter 4:8)

Emotional love limits you but God’s love stretches you beyond your feelings. Is it true that God does not love you just because you feel like He doesn’t? God is love, period. Whatever He does and whatever He says comes from a place of love. You will rise above any negative circumstance if you remain confident God loves you no matter how you feel.

Keeping yourself in God's love is an intentional choice you must make daily. Your faith cannot work if you begin to wander from God doubting His thoughts are for your good and not for harm. As you root yourself in the love of Christ your faith grows strong and stable. Faith brings the victory and prosperity surely follows.

Above all things stay enthusiastic in your love among the body of Christ. Do not allow offense or misunderstanding to weaken your resolve to love. Overlook trivial things while not ignoring sin and focus on encouraging others, and giving thanks for one another. People need you, and you need people. God receives the glory when His love manifests in His people. Put on the armor of love every morning and make sure there are no holes in it. It protects you and all those you hold dear.

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