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Take a Risk and Rise

"The highways were deserted, and travelers went by roundabout ways… Until I, Deborah, arose, until I arose, a mother in Israel"

Judges: 5-6

Many of the young people who served in and survived the First World War came to be known as “the lost generation”. Lost in the sense of being without direction or purpose much like aimless wanderers. The demoralizing effects of trench warfare and chemical weaponry resulted in the lost of faith both in God and traditional values.

The Bible speaks of a generation that grew up not knowing the Lord or remembering His mighty accomplishments. In his book, The Last Christian Generation, Josh McDowell cites the following statistics among churched youth:

*63% don't believe that Jesus is the Son of the one true God.

* 51% don't believe that Jesus rose from the dead.

* 68% don't believe that the Holy Spirit is a real entity.

* It has been estimated that between 69% and 94% of churched youth are leaving the traditional church after high school, and very few are returning.

If these statistics are factual when these young people become fathers and mothers what will the next generation become?

The leadership of today shapes the leaders of tomorrow. Children with parents that have lost their way grow up with both wounds and walls. Parents who have held religion to be more of a hobby than a passionate commitment to Christ send the wrong signal to their children. A real purpose with vision comes only from God, who holds both the present and the future. The Lord is good, and his faithfulness endures to all generations. Will you make a difference in the midst of a lost generation?

According to Acts 17, God chooses the geographical locations and times in which you live. Take the risk to rise out of mediocrity where you live and in your generation. Scripture makes it clear that those who live for Christ are at war with a ruthless enemy that seeks to steal, kill and destroy the souls of men. The challenge is before you. You will need courage and a passionate commitment to change the world around you one person at a time. Will you lay down your life for Christ and fulfill His destiny and vision for your life? Your decision will not only affect you but the generations to come.

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