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The Devil's Food

"And the LORD God said to the serpent… Cursed are you… And dust shall you eat all the days of your life." - Genesis 3:14

The devil is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Just what does the devil like to eat and what attracts him to you? We give the devil far too much credit for his attacks on our lives. In fact, the attacks we receive from this fallen foe are more due to our discredit than to his might.

The devil’s food is not a piece of cake. He can only access you through permission. Is your life an open door to the playgrounds of the world? Are your sin tabs long and your mind a garbage heap? Are your actions based on fear and unbelief rather than trust in the Lord?

The fatal attraction of the devil is dust. We lose our place of immunity in God when we refuse to change our minds and come clean of sin. Fear, anger, greed, sexual immorality, and bitterness come out of a fleshly nature hostile to God. The worthless idols in your life serve one purpose - to attract dust. Dusting them off only serves to harm you; destroy them instead, and live a life of victory over the devil.

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