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Unhealed Emotions Rob Your Destiny in Christ

He sent His word and healed them and rescued them from their destruction.

Psalms 107:20 (AMP)

Damaged emotions don’t have to rule your life. In Christ, we are both kings and priests. He made us to have wisdom, strength, and power. How many Christians do you know who reign on earth in the power and authority of Christ? All of us can if we center our thoughts on the truth of God’s Word and, with it, renew our minds daily.

The Lord is the lover of your soul. His love is the only thing that will complete you. The superficial values of this world have your soul seeking after relationships and things that hold promise but cannot deliver. Your wounded soul leads you to make decisions that keep you in a cycle of repetitive trauma. Friend, unless you change your thinking, you will go to the grave with many regrets.

We are the maker of our destructions. Psychology Today is not the answer. Neither is Martial Arts or anything you run after to find inner peace. If you are serious about becoming a whole person, you must do the internal work needed, but you cannot do it alone. In partnership with Christ, you can be done with sweeping things under the rug, building walls, and stuffing it! He wants you to encounter the truth that your choices determine the quality of your life.

Abundant life can be yours. Jesus came to give it to you. As you daily align your mind with the Word taking captive any thought that rebels against it, restoration occurs. When you exchange your ways of thinking for His, you change, and during that change, you heal.


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