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The Zeal of the Lord

…they aroused the LORD’s anger by their wicked deeds, and a plague broke out among them. But Phinehas stood up and intervened, and the plague was checked. Psalm 106:29-30 (NIV)

Phinehas, the grandson of Aaron, the High Priest, made a name for himself early in his life. God blessed him and noted that he was jealous with His jealousy. Phinehas was zealous over God's people to protect them from their enemies. He had a warring spirit and would not tolerate rival gods. He did not put up with devils!

The young Esther showed her zeal for the Lord by protecting her people. She refused to take a passive approach as Haman plotted to annihilate all the Jews in King Ahasuerus's kingdom. God used her in a mighty way to equip her people to fight their enemies to death. Their victory reversed the curse!

In ancient times the Kings went out to battle in the Spring. We, too, must actively go out to stand against our adversaries. Our country is on the brink of chaos but look no further than the lukewarm church for a reason. Jesus stormed into the temple and drove out the moneychangers! The church the Lord builds is a warring one. It is not a marketplace where one picks and chooses what they believe. Like King David, may we say, "My zeal has completely consumed me because my enemies have forgotten Your words. (Psalm 119:139 AMP)


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