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The Spring Within

For the Lamb at the center of the throne continuously shepherds them unto life —guiding them to the everlasting fountains of the water of life. And God will wipe from their eyes every last tear.

Revelation 7:17 (TPT)

Nature turns inward during winter. Though the tree is bare, it is far from lifeless, for, within its trunk, another ring of growth emerges. Much like a tree in the wintertime, as your outward man decreases, your inner man flourishes. Have you endured tribulation in the last year? Don’t despair, for this is your season to experience truth in the inward part. As you turn inward to worship the Lord, you will find yourself in His cloud-filled sanctuary where no devil can molest you.

There is a place for you, beloved. Within you, the rivers of living waters hide. Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit when He spoke of these living waters. Life is in you! When the world’s filth touches you, look to Jesus to sprinkle clean water on you. Refresh yourself in Him. Don’t delay, for He is only a breath away. Learn to live within to discover the new heart Jesus gave you. You will meet the true creation you were born to be.

In a world that screams, “notice me,” God says, “I see you.” He sees your heart. And as you yield your heart to Him, He will purify it so you can see Him! When fear and anxiety assail, don’t despair. Turn in to Him. Worship Him in that holy place; ascend to heaven where He lives, and He will lead you to the fountain of life. Drink it in, so you can pour into, a world without.


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