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Red Letter Day

I will establish your borders. Exodus 23:31 (NIV)

Did you celebrate Easter this past week? As Christians, Easter of all times of the year should be one of great excitement and joy. Unlike Christmas, it's not about giving and receiving presents but rather a renewal of your commitment to living your life for Christ because He gave His life for you.

Jesus eagerly desired to sit with his disciples and eat the Passover meal. Like his Jewish brothers, he knew the importance of this Red-Letter Day and would not pass over its significance. God chose the blood of an innocent lamb without defect as the instrument to deliver His people from Egyptian slavery.

Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God slain to take away the whole world's sins. He now sits on the throne of God. As we face global crises of all kinds this year, may we pray that His blood would cover us all and bring sweeping reformation to the United States and the whole world.