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Possess the Land

"Behold, I have set the land before you: go in and possess the land”

(Deut. 1:8)

God’s children are not victims they are victors. God gives us promises that He will fulfill because it’s impossible for Him to lie. So then, we do not work for the victory rather we work from the victory. The land He gives us to possess covers a lot of territories. It includes our thoughts, health, emotions, our finances, our families, our quality of life in general but keep in mind that we must go in and possess it by faith. Faith without works is dead. The Lord tells us that every place our feet trod He gives to us. The reference to our feet is important because it speaks to us of taking dominion over our circumstances.

God sets before us the land. He does not give us the land on a silver platter, but He will give us the grace to conquer it. What you do not possess will possess you. If you cannot control your emotions, your emotions will control you. If you cannot control the lies, you hear in your mind; they will control you. If you do not possess your finances, they will possess you. Victims do not possess anything even if God gives it freely because the obstacles they must overcome defeat them.

People who carry a victor’s mindset have many afflictions to overcome. But because they are not emotionally controlled and choose actions based on their faith in God, His strength, His wisdom and His victory they will go in and possess the land God has already given to them. They take responsibility and partake of the blessing of Abraham.


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