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Keep Yourself in the Love of God

The sorrows [pain and suffering] of those who have chosen another god will be multiplied [because of their idolatry]. Psalm 16:4 (AMP)

Humans are expert idol builders. We create them from our unfulfilled desires. When you don’t have what you want, ask yourself, rather than God, why. Our merciful Father will not withhold anything good from you. If He hasn’t satisfied your need, it’s on you. Are you not asking from a motive that will only get your “itch scratched?” Stop asking God to grant you something that can’t hold water.

Idols are lies that are close to our heart. They derive their power from deception. We form a false image in our minds that we believe will end our suffering. The “if only” film strip on the screen of our mind keeps us in a cycle of agony. How subtle Satan is, that crafty serpent. He convinces us that God is holding out on us. Actually, He is withholding from us what would end in our destruction. The hidden idols in our souls alight the curse.

Idols dumb us down by causing mental anguish and confusion. We cannot clearly see no matter how hard others try to help us. But we can gain victory over them. The Lord is a jealous lover! His fiery passion for us never dies out! Repent and keep yourself in the love of God. Delight yourself in Him until you find contentment in your present circumstances. When the curse no longer sees an altar on which to land, then what you desire, the Lord will extravagantly give.


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