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It's a Pain to Complain

So the people grumbled against Moses... There the LORD issued a ruling and instruction for them and put them to the test. Exodus 15:24 (NIV)

Complaining is the fastest way to create darkness in your life. When your default mode is only to see what is causing you pain, your focus on the problem will surely grow. When you block yourself from seeing creatively, you become blind to the silver lining or the path forward toward victory.

The Israelites left their life of slavery behind in Egypt, or did they? Physically free from the “iron furnace” of struggle, they had yet to discover their emancipation from emotional bondage. The inner healing of the soul can occur when we seriously look at why we grumble and consistently take potshots at people we feel have let us down. When confronted with the bitter waters at Marah, God’s people turned against Moses, who had been their advocate for freedom from the very beginning.

Throughout their exodus from slavery, many of the Israelites consistently grumbled against Moses. They failed to appreciate his sacrifice. Perhaps they had a disdain for all authority figures because of the enslavers they once knew. Their source of grumbling gave evidence of the wounds of their soul. The people you complain about, your parents, spouse, sibling, neighbor, friend, or boss, are the same sources of the emotional pain you hide so well. The antidote is the grace of God within you that can make way for you to forgive totally.

Healing takes place as you replace appreciation for complaining. Loose yourself from the victim role and declare that God is for you, not against you. Bond with people who see the glass as half full instead of half empty. Make a concerted effort to no longer commiserate with people who grumble. Form healthy relationships based on the love and light of the Lord. Life is full of challenges, so pass the test by moving forward when you face the next one. Trust the Lord to direct your path. Complaining about it will block your view from discovering the solution that could be right in front of you.


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